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Your Timeless Life Stories album will tell the story of your special day in a way that makes you feel like you are experiencing it all over again. The look and feel of your album will speak to your style.

  • Find the Timeless Life Stories album style that suits your fashion.
  • A coffee-table centerpiece for you or a gift for your parents? Find the album size that is just right.
  • Choose one of our magnificent covers to wrap your story.
  • Each page of your album will showcase your story on a subtle yet stylish backdrop.
Shouldn’t your album be as beautiful, unique, and “you” as any other accessory in your home? Of course it should! That is why Timeless Life Stories albums come in a variety of styles.

  • Destination Paradise: For the couple that enjoys a little adventure with their romance.
  • Classic Elegance: For the couple that enjoys timeless tradition and simple elegance.
  • Modern Chic: For the couple that appreciates high fashion and modern lines.
  • Classic Chic: For the couple that likes the traditional with a little flair.
  • Endless Romance: For the couple that is head-over-heels in love and not afraid to say it.
Size matters. That is why we have a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Timeless Life Stories albums come in several sizes that suit your different needs. Our 12"x12" coffee-table album is ideal for your special wedding photographs. The 8"x8" Parent Album is a smaller version of the 12"x12" in the perfect size for your Mom & Dad. There is also an 8"x8" Engagement or Honeymoon hard cover album that features 50 images in a simply designed album. And our 6"x6" soft cover Brag Book is an ideal way to share 21 of your favorite images in a smaller, more portable book. They make it easy to carry your special memories with you and show them off at anytime.
Judge this book by its cover. Photo-wrap, leather, linen, or a combination of two, we have got a cover that is just right. You can choose to dress your album in one of a variety of ways. Each option is beautiful. Choose between:

  • Photo-Wrapped Covers - No extra charge!
  • Leather Embossed or Gold Leafed Covers*
  • Leather and Photo Combination Covers*
  • Gold Leafed Linen Covers*
  • Linen and Photo Combination Covers*

* Additional charge applies.
Destination Paradise
Classic Elegance
Modern Chic
Classic Chic
Endless Romance